Website Warranty

Discover more about our three year website warranty.


The Exmoor Designs website warranty is a fairly revolutionary idea. It's also a very simple idea.

As part of your web design package there's an additional monthly or annual hosting and maintenance fee. This fee helps pay towards both the hosting of your website and this warranty.

Once your website goes live you begin a three year website warranty period with us. This enables you to get loads of minor improvements and changes for your website for no additional fee. It means you can keep your website fresh and current without paying out any extra money to us or any other web designer. Please see below for the list of what is covered for free.

At the end of your three year period we will sit down together and discuss the future of your website. Is it still working perfectly for your school or business? Do you require any additional extra content? Most crucially, is it as modern and cutting edge as it can be? If there are any significant areas for improvement then we will begin work on a brand new website. However, you don't pay full price for your new website. As long as you stay with the same web design package it'll only cost 50% of your original web design fee.

That's correct, you get free minor changes and support for three years then a brand new website for half of what it could cost elsewhere. There's no catches or small print.


The following items are classed as 'minor changes' and, therefore, would be covered for free as part of the Exmoor Designs Website Warranty:

    • Change the basic colour scheme of your website.
    • Amend phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information.
    • Add a new logo or company/school branding.
    • Create additional web pages to tie in with the schemes.
    • Create a new website navigation.
    • Alter sitewide background images or header images.
    • Add additional business email addresses.
    • Add new logos or branding to social media.
    • Create a blog within the website.
    • Add additional editors of the website with different access rights.

    *Some of these changes can be made by yourself through our CMS, but (as it's free) you might want to use our expertise to ensure it's completed correctly.


The following items are not listed as 'minor changes', so would require an additional fee above any you've already paid.

    • Changing the theme or total style of the website.
    • Replace the entire header or footer of the website.
    • Change the url of the website.
    • Move the website to an alternative hosting company.
    • Add eCommerce functionality to the website (if you did not choose to at the outset).

    *The cost of these will be agreed between you the client and us the web design company. Any or all changes would not cost any more than 50% of your original web design fee.