Some information about who we are and what we do


Firstly welcome to Exmoor Designs. I hope you like what you've seen so far.

As the title of the page says I aim to make Exmoor Designs a different experience for my clients. I put the client and their business at the forefront of the development of their website. You tell me what you want and how you want the site to work and I will move heaven and Earth to make it happen for you. And that's a promise.

Everything I do as a web designer is client-orientated. That's why you'll see all prices displayed clearly on this website. There's no need to ring or email me to get a quote and there will be no hidden costs. I want to make the experience of getting a first or a new website for your school or business to be as stress-free as possible. As a small business owner I know how challenging it can be.


With over a decade's experience in teaching and working in schools, I know first hand the very unique way that schools operate. I also know the pressures of the dreaded inspectors (I won't mention them again) and aim to make all my school sites fully compliant with their requirements for school websites.

For schools I can offer a range of different design templates, plus the option to use custom-made illustrations of your school and children. Please have a look at Dunster First School's website to see my iluustrated designs.


Whether you're just starting up a new small business or have an established business that needs a fresh look online, I can help you get the right website for your business. With experience of developing websites for beauty salons, tea rooms, bicycle shops and many more, I am happy to help all small businesses get the website of their dreams.

I begin by looking at existing design templates, as this can speed up the process of developing a new website. I'll then discuss the type of business you have, your competitors and what you want the site to do for your business.

From simple single page designs to complex eCommerce sites, any type of website can be developed quickly and professionally for you and your business.


As part of my desire to be focussed on the clients I am offering a relatively new concept for school and small business web design - a website warranty.

When your website is finished it's usually the custom for me to disappear from sight and if you need slight changes or major updates to your site I'd charge you loads of money, thus putting pressure on your businesses bottom line. Now we don't want that do we?

Exmoor Designs' website warranty is a commitment from me to help you for at least the next three years. Once your website becomes live you have a three year warranty whereby all minor amendments are covered by your monthly or annual service charge. That means you don't have to pay extra to change the layout of your site or add a new logo, for instance. To get a clear understanding of what's covered by the warranty please click the button below for more information.

If during the three years you need major changes to your website, then that can be done, but for a heavily reduced price compared to what you could expect elsewhere.

Finally once the three year period is up I'll drop you like a stone. No, wait I don't! What happens then is we meet up again and discuss a new website for your business. For only 50% of your original web design fee (as long as you stay with the same web design package) you can have a brand new website and begin a new three year warranty.

Now does that sound amazing or what? Unlimited support for three years and a new website at the end. Quickly pop to the bottom of the page and contact me before I retract the offer!

Otherwise, please click the button below to read our full terms and conditions.


Please get in touch if you have any further questions or would like to chat about your website.

Alex Morgan

Owner, Exmoor Designs